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The Women's March

The Women's March is a national movement to unify and empower everyone who stands for human rights, civil liberties, and social justice for all. We gather in community to find healing and strength through tolerance, civility, and compassion. There are more than 270 solidarity marches being planned in all 50 states, 2 territories, and in 33 countries around the world, with expected participation of more than 500,000 individuals.

We welcome all people to join us as we unite locally and nationally.

Read more about the purpose of the march.

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Visit the Women's March Oakland for more details.

Download the flyer and pass it along.

Join us on January 21, 2017.

The Alameda League will participate in the Oakland March. To join us, please contact Georgia. For information about the LWVUS position, please download the letter.

We will meet in the Laney College parking lot, near the intersection of 7th Street & Fallon Street (a short walk from the Lake Merritt BART station.) Do not plan to park in the Laney lot; a Faculty/Staff/Student parking permit is needed.

Please arrive by 10:45am, and look for a parked car with five blue mylar ballons floating aloft.

Parking in downtown Oakland will be limited. Instead of driving, plan to take public or other forms of transportation.


$10 roundtrip from South Shore Shopping Center to the BART Fruitvale Station. Space is limited, secure your spot soon.


BART -- Fruitvale Station - Single Ride - $1.95 (Buy roundtrip ticket at Fruitvale.) - To Downtown Oakland: Northbound Platform + Take any train + SF/Daly City or Richmond, and get off at next station + Lake Merritt Trains run every 6-7 minutes. To find schedules click here.

BART Parking - BART lots -- no charge on weekends. Private Lots: Fruitvale Village -- $6/2 hours to $15/all day

BART -- From Downtown Oakland - Single Ride - $1.95 Walk to 12th Street and Broadway (Civic Center), walk downstairs to the station and board a Fremont bound train. Get off at next stop, Fruitvale.

AC TRANSIT LINES - Alameda to Fruitvale Bart - Single Ride - $2.10, Senior - $1.05 - Routes 21, O, 51A and 19. To find routes, stops and schedule click here.


Bike East Bay's valet bike parking will be open at Frank Ogawa Plaza from 9am to 4pm on January 21 for the Women's March. We are almost positive that the location will be in the walkway next to City Hall that leads out to Clay Street.

- BikeLink lockers at Lake Merritt station
- Bike racks in Frank Ogawa Plaza (use a U-Lock!)
- Bike rack in front of the Oakland Museum of California (U-Lock)

Please note that the 19th Street bike station is open only weekdays and will not open for the Women's March.

Bike East Bay is seeking volunteers for the valet station. Please share the sign-up with those who might be interested in helping out.


LYFT has a discount code offering $10 off 1 ride, 30-day expiration.

The code is: WMBAYAREA. The code can be redeemed in the 'promos' section of the app, or can be redeemed by entering a phone number at LYFT.

Program Planning Meeting

Thursday, January 26, 2017 7-9pm

Alameda Hospital Conference Room C 2070 Clinton Ave Alameda, Ca 94501

All members are encouraged to attend the LWVA's annual planning meeting to set Education and/or Advocacy Priorities for the State League for the next two years. The outcome will influence our local programming. Leagues all over California will engage in this grassroots process of priority setting. As members of LWVA we have both the opportunity and the responsibility to indicate which issues we believe our state League should emphasize in 2017-2018.

Download the invitation letter from LWVA President, Alice Fried.

Bay Area League Day 2017: Bay Area Housing Crisis

Saturday, 28 January 9:00AM - 3:00PM

Camden Community Center 3369 Union Ave San Jose, CA 95124

This event will feature panels on affordability, housing production, displacement, and roles to address affordability at the state, regional and local levels. Assemblyman Tony Thurmond of District 15 will deliver the keynote speech.

Visit the LWV Bay Area website for more information and save $5 off the door charge ($35 vs. $40) by pre-registering.

Election 2016

Measure K1: Utility Modernization Act (Passed with 15,247 yes votes and 5,519 no votes)

The Utility Modernization Act (UMA) updates the existing Utility Users Tax (UUT) and confirms the annual transfer of funds from Alameda Municipal Power (AMP) to the City, which will protect core city services without raising taxes. The UMA will allow Alameda to maintain its high quality of life, including funding for police, fire and emergency response, street and sidewalk repairs, park maintenance and library services.

Measure L1: Rent Stabilization Act (Passed with 11,954 yes votes and 9,544 no votes)

After working with tenants and property owners for months, in November 2015 the Alameda City Council adopted a temporary moratorium on rent increases over 8% and on any action to terminate a tenancy except for "just cause". In March 2016 the City Council adopted the Rent Review, Rent Stabilization and Limitations on Evictions Ordinance, to stabilize rents and limit the grounds for terminating tenancies. In August, the City Council submitted to voters a confirmation of this ordinance, which is on the November ballot as Measure L1.

Measure M1: Charter Amendment to Establish Rent Control, a Rent Control Board and Regulate Termination of Tenancies (Did not pass with 7,178 yes votes and 14,195 no votes)

Signatures gathered for a petition by the Alameda Renters Coalition were verified by the Alameda County Registrar of Voters and were more than what was required to place this measure on the ballot.

Measure A1 (Passed with 264,499 yes votes and 101,250 no votes)

Alameda County Affordable Housing Bond to provide affordable local housing and prevent displacement of vulnerable populations, including low- and moderate-income households, veterans, seniors, and persons with disabilities.

Measure B1 (Passed with 16,033 yes votes and 5,662 no votes)

Maintains the existing Alameda Unified School District parcel tax for seven years, without increase, to maintain high-quality Alameda schools by protecting small class sizes, core academic programs, neighborhood schools, and retaining excellent teachers.

Measure C1 (Passed with 82% yes votes and 18% no votes)

Extends the existing Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) parcel tax at current levels to preserve essential local public transportation services, including those for youth, commuters, seniors, and people with disabilities, while keeping fares reasonable.

Measure RR (Passed with 70% yes votes and 30% no votes)

BART bond to keep BART safe, prevent accidents/breakdowns/delays, relieve overcrowding, reduce traffic congestion/pollution, improve earthquake safety and access for seniors/disabled by replacing and upgrading 90 miles of severely worn tracks, tunnels damaged by water intrusion, 44-year old train control systems, and other deteriorating infrastructure.

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The League of Women Voters encourages informed and active participation in government. We work to raise understanding of major policy issues and influence public policy through education. The League does not support or oppose any political party or candidate. We advocate only on issues that members have studied and on which a consensus has been reached. In an era of proliferating powerful special interests, the League's advocacy in the public interest is increasingly recognized as an essential voice of democracy. The League of Women Voters of Alameda (LWVA), founded in 1978, is a registered 510 (c) (3) nonprofit organization

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